I’m Marieke van de Rakt. I’m the CEO at Yoast. Together with my partners Joost de Valk, Omar Reiss, Chaya Oosterbroek, and Thijs de Valk I run Yoast. This is my personal blog. On this blog, I write about my life as an entrepreneur and a CEO.

Leading a company is mostly great fun. At the same time, it can be rather challenging. Growing a company requires to remain very flexible. As our team grew very fast in the last few years, we were forced to come up with different types of management structures. And, as a company grows, the culture of a company tends to change as well. One of my biggest challenges as a CEO is to make sure that our company culture remains as inviting and inspiring as it has always been. 

Next to my focus on growing and maintaining a company, I am very much involved in creating our products (both the plugin as well as our online courses) and writing for Yoast.com. Also, I lead our research team, our blog team, the academy team and our project management team.

In a previous lifetime, I obtained a PhD in social sciences. You can find my dissertation here and my other publications here.

Together with my husband Joost I also invest in some other companies through our investment vehicle Altha.